Hi! Another Vi here! 
        Well, my full name is ViDonna, but in case you decide it’s too long for you to yell across the bar at brunch, I also go by Vi, Donna or Vanessa’s favorite nickname for me- Don.
         I grew up in Brooklyn (Bay Ridge), NY but I was born in a city on the coast of the Baltic Sea, in Russia. I immigrated to the U.S when I was eight with dreams of being a pop-star, and although my passions evolved, I never forewent the idea of the “American dream”, truly believing I can be anything I want. I experimented with a career in dance until I got a back injury, modeling until I realized I couldn’t give up carbs, and lifeguarding until I realized I was not in a real-life remake of “Baywatch”. 
      I’ve always wanted to make a foot print on the world, and make some sort of difference which led me to fall in love with acting and writing. I started both in college. A failed TV pilot in NYC led me to believe I can be an actor and sprouted my move to LA. But before I did that, I finished my BA in English, Creative Writing, which was just a distant diploma and a love of all things Sylvia Plath until now.
      I love acting because it allows me to escape myself, but writing is even more fulfilling because it permits me to really speak my truth.  And my truth is that I love being a woman, and I love being a woman in LA. I’m the quintessential hot yoga loving, deleting embarrassing insta stories the morning after, eating pizza in bed kind of girl. I cherish my independence and I live for adventure. I have incredible female friends and I feel extremely lucky to have the support and camaraderie of those strong women by my side. One of those people is the one and only founder of Lady Duke-Vanessa. V, like myself, believes in the importance of female empowerment and creating a space where everyone can feel welcomed, appreciated, and celebrated.  
     My contribution to Lady Duke is all because I randomly told Vanessa that I really wanted to write again but I wasn’t sure what platform to do it on, or how, and she simply said, “why don’t you write for LD?”, and BAM, I’m here! And that what it’s all about, folks. It’s about going after your goals, being in a positive mind set, and having a great support system. Well, that and a slew of other things that I hope to talk to you about in my writing. The basis of it all being, a strong, sophisticated, and kick ass girl boss, or well a Lady Duke.